KENKODO; The Way of Health, it is not a therapy, but a way that allows us to learn to know and keep our and others body healthy. Practicing regularly helps us understand what our body tells us when there is a problem and what it needs to help health improvement. KENKODO includes:

  • KOKYU HO: Breathing methods.
  • SEIZA HO: Meditation.
  • KENKO TAISO: Gymnastics for health with mind and body coordinated.
  • TEATE HO: Method of utilization of the vital energy with your hands.
  • SOTAI HO: Method of harmonization of the body structure.
  • SEITAI HO: Gymnastics on the floor.

KOKYU HO, breathing methods. It is based on the proper use of the diaphragm when breathing. In fact, busy life and stress cause us incorrect breathing using mainly the upper chest reducing ventilation and the beneficial effects of oxygenation of blood and body.

SEIZA HO, Meditation. It is a type of meditation that leads to a receptive state of inner calm, to promote a state of attention “thoughtless”. In fact, when we meditate, we put ourselves in a condition where we free our brains to redo our thoughts, emotions, and images. All this creates a deep relaxation that improves alertness, recreating greater control of neural circuits and stress; greater mental coherence and adaptability.

KENKO TAISO, Gymnastics for health with mind and body coordinated. These are calisthenics exercises affecting the whole body based on harmonious movements and stretching. In some cases parts of the body which are not usually used are also stimulated. In contrast to classic gymnastic exercises in which the body is forced and unnecessary stress is generated, the KenkoTaiso sequence prioritizes on the elasticity of the movement without forcing whatsoever. These movements are carried out according to a rate set by the teacher in a way so the complete sequence constitutes an element of distension and rhythmic relaxation

TEATE HO, Method of utilization of the vital energy with your hands. Restores the flow of vital energy. Rebalance body functions, eliminates stress, pain and contractures. Using the fingers and palm of the hand on the surface of the body in order to correct imbalances in the body, maintain and promote health. It also develops our perceptual and sensory abilities.

SOTAI HO, Method of harmonization of the body structure. It consists of very gentle exercises coordinated with the companions breathing, always directed towards the most beneficial movements direction of one or more muscles, about the area we want to work. It produces muscle relaxation, restores the balance of the body by harmonizing the breath with the movements. The movements are always performed within natural limits. we hear what the body communicates and we adjust to it, trying to create conditions so that the body will “fix” itself.

SEITAI HO, Floor Gymnastics. It is a sequence of exercises that are useful to correct body asymmetries or imbalances, developed as a way to rejuvenate the legs, properly align the hips and the spine, stimulate blood flow, sensitize the nervous system and increase flexibility. By practicing these exercises regularly (15 – 20 minutes), it gives stress relief, have more energy, increase concentration and maintain a balanced health. It is important to keep in mind when doing the exercises that what really matters is the stretch action, and not the amplitude of the stretch. Simply maintaining the posture in which stretching is noticed, breathing deeply and trying to relax, is enough.