Ki is a Japanese word which is not easily translated into English. It is used in many common Japanese idiomatic phrases which carries a meaning of spirit, energy, power, air or breath, and by extension life force. There is an ancient connection between the spirit and breath related to the Chinese word Chi (or Qi ) and the Hindu word Prana. Being this older meaning of Ki , a term for the life force ( breath) and the natural power within us and within all things, is how we refer the term here.

Tohei Sensei talks about connecting to the Ki of the universe. This means to let go of the conflict we perceive in the relative world around us and in us and raise awareness of the infinite calm of absolute world where there is no other. With a calmer open mind, we begin to truly relax allowing the Ki of the Universe to flow through us. We are extending Ki.
Extending Ki is a natural state that we knew intuitively as babies, but as we have grown up in the hectic modern society of today we have forgotten how to let the Ki of the Universe flow through us.

Shin Shin Toitsu Do, Mind and Body Unification (Ki Development) is a specialized method for the development of the mind and body unification, conceiving as a whole the physical and mental aspects. Through self-experimentation teaches us to develop inner vitality or energy, connecting us again with the Universal Ki, allowing us to develop the best of our abilities, creating self-confidence and promoting a healthier and happier life.

Ki development is focused on the study of perception, for everything that relates to the principles of the mind, and relaxation for the body principles; to attain the realization of an optimal state of psychophysical integration, with which we are ready to stand at the maximum of our potential. This is done when we are able to raise our level of perception and is feasible if our mind is free, is calm and found a good relationship between us and the space. This also allows us to connect to others in a compassionate, authentic way that enriches life and nourishes the spirit. All this can be verified by a system of checks, through which we understand our state and how to improve our weaknesses.